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Sam Craig Lawn, Sprinklers, and A Maricopa based company that has been serving the Valley of the Sun for over 24 years.

Local landscaper Sam Craig returns to his roots

Story written by: Michael K. Rich News Article Details: 12-13-2008 The heavy-duty trucks would pull up in the small Texas town of Crockett and take the men away for the picking season. Leaving wives and daughters behind, these men would travel out of Texas and through New Mexico before finally reaching their target destination, the Maricopa-Stanfield fields.

Once there, the men would live in company-provided housing and work the fields. Tending to crops such as cotton, sugar cane, alfalfa and corn. These workers would break their backs day and night to provide for their families. Maricopa resident Sam Craig's father and grandfather were two of these men. The Craigs would make the trip to Arizona on a couple of occasions, but they always returned home to Texas.

At the time Craig's father was just a teenager and working to help the family. However, after several summers of working in the fields, the Elder Craig (Sam's grandfather)decided to uproot his family and move to Arizona. The family lived in the present day Goodyear area originally, but would make homes throughout the area while they started up an irrigation business. Craig's father eventually left and returned to Texas where he met Craig's mother. The couple returned to Arizona, and Craig was born in a Casa Grande hospital. Since his birth, Craig's life has been about movement, but in 1990 he decided to do what came naturally, landscaping and irrigation work.

Craig had been working in Phoenix as a security guard, but, to make some extra money, he decided to take up landscaping on the weekends. "I just had a love for landscaping, and it was something that came natural to me" he said. Eventually those weekend side jobs would consume more and more of his time until he ultimately took the plunge and decided to be a full-time landscaper. The decision to enter the profession that put food on both his father and grandfather's table were only his first return to his roots.

Nearly 18 years after that decision to return to landscaping, Sam decided to return to Maricopa. "My roots are in this area, so I could not pass up the opportunity to return," he said. Now, whether it is transforming a backyard from dirt-covered nothingness to a priceless oasis, or reprogramming a sprinkler system to optimize efficiency, Sam Craig III, wants to answer Maricopan's landscaping needs. He currently resides in Maricopa as a Landscape/ Sprinkler Consultant. News Article Details: by Michael K. Rich 12-13-2008



Rates: starting as low as $20.00 for non-emergencies; but if there are more than (1) leak the cost would be more than $20.00, and small emergencies will cost more, as well as, any major leaks. The emergency price will depend upon the factors that are involved in troubleshooting the irrigation system, and/or leak detection on where the leaks are located. Other factors would involve, but are not limited to the size, and the severity of leaks on how difficult they are to repair, etc...)

**Note: Also, in light of the increase in your water bill, I will save you up to:(50%) on your water bill/Guaranteed!

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